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The magic of a child's face lighting up as they hear their own name spoken within a story on a CD is a true delight for anyone to see. I hope I will be able to capture those moments for you to share.
Welcome to our exciting stories On the Big Red Bus. Like most Grannies I love reading to my grandchildren so it seemed natural to make a story and song CD for children that was fun and easy listening, adventurous and educational … and even better if it was written just for them and personalised with their own name!

It has been so much fun making the CDs. The first in the series On the Big Red Bus through Nursery Rhyme Land was written for the Under 5s, however they do make unique birth and christening presents!

Our second CD On the Big Red Bus Down on the Farm was released in 2010. A story where Granny Farmer shows the children around her farm meeting some of her animal friends and singing lots of songs! This has been written for the 1-6 years old and you can download the words to the songs - so no excuses for not joining in with the Hokey Cokey!!

Our latest children's personalised CD is On The Big Red Bus at the Seaside. Granny Farmer has a fun day out with all the children, playing on the sand, exploring rock pools, making music and singing lots of songs - even the Sun has got his hat on! Enjoyed by children from as young as 1 years old who will recognise their own name personalised in the story 17 times, to a 6 year old who will still enjoy all the action songs.

I do hope you all enjoy the CDs as much as I have enjoyed making them for your little people!